How to save data on NaijaCare

Did you know that you can switch to Low Data on and save up to 40% data on NaijaCare?

Try it now! Click on the Low Data  icon at the top of the page.

How does Low Data save my data?

  • It removes large images
  • It makes images you see very small
  • It only loads the information you need

What does Low Data look like?

We make the site more simple to save you as much data as we can so you can enjoy everything that NaijaCare has to offer without worrying about data.

Without Low Data With Low Data

3 Tips to save more data

Try these tips to help you save even more data!

  1. Turn off auto-sync: When your phone syncs it costs more data. Find out how to turn this off.
  2. Turn of background data: Some apps use data even when you are not using the app. Find out how to turn off background data on apps you do not use often.
  3. Stop WhatsApp downloads: Every time someone sends you a photo or video, it will download to your phone’s gallery. Find out how to disable this

Do you need help?

If you are struggling with any part of NaijaCare, send your questions in the Feedback section.